Who We Are

ADAPT ( Addressing Drug and Alcohol Problem Together ) is a community drug team based in Coolmine industrial estate which was set up following the merge in 2013 of the two CDT’S formally known as Hartstown Huntstown and Mountview Blakestown both of which had been active in the Dublin 15 area since the late 1990s.

The logo for ADAPT is based on the Irish Trinity Knot. There is debate whether its origins are Christian or Celtic.

It has been interpreted in many ways, one of which is to symbolise life, death and rebirth. This is the interpretation that influenced the ADAPT logo. We would use the terms “life “and “death” figuratively, as an end to a lifestyle or a time of chaos. The idea of rebirth would be supporting those we work in whichever direction they want to go with their lives.

It also resonates with the idea of two CDTs, HHCDT and MBCDT, both living as separate entities, then being reborn through the process of merger and growing into a new, single entity. This combination of histories and strengths makes up ADAPT.