Our Mission

On 7th January 2013, ADAPT officially formed as a merged entity between two Blanchardstown Community Drug Teams, Hartstown Huntstown CDT and Mountview Blakestown CDT. Prior to merger, both organisations had traded as separate legal entities with charitable status since 1997. The merger accomplished the sustainability of services to the local community in light of significant funding cuts.

ADAPT’s mission is “to enhance the quality of life of individuals, families and the entire community, working holistically across the rehabilitation continuum of care, through the provision of a broad range of psychosocial, complementary therapy and practical support services to people experiencing problems related to their addiction to, or use of, drugs and/or alcohol, and to people who are affected by the drug and/or alcohol addiction/use of others”.

To achieve our mission, ADAPT works across the rehabilitation continuum of care, providing a range of practical supports and holistic services to people who are actively using drugs and who are experiencing associated problems. We also work with those who are affected by drug misuse, namely family members. ADAPT adopts a holistic approach to addiction to help treat not just the addiction but the full person. To achieve this, it supports and facilitates drug users who wish to access treatment and rehabilitation and affords them the opportunity to do so via coordinated care plans which address ancillary problems, most commonly, criminal, financial, health and familial.


The ADAPT Logo

Our logo is based on the Irish Trinity Knot. On a ‘spiritual’ level, it has been known to symbolise life, death and rebirth, all of which can be related to the many possible final outcomes/destinations for those struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction.  There are also several other interpretations of the knot, all of which imply a correlation between three separate entities that are inter-connected.
This resonates with the idea of two former CDTs, Hartstown Huntstown CDT and Mountview Blakestown CDT, serving their communities independently of each other prior to winding down as separate entities and merging together to be reborn as ADAPT.